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Skip Bin Hire Sutherland Shire

Skip Bin Hire Lugarno

Skip Bin Hire Lugarno


Skip bin hire Lugarno is available quickly, easily, and cheaply. For example, whether you are renovating or moving from one home to another. Alternatively, clearing out a loved one’s home or getting rid of belongings you no longer want, you need a way to get rid of all the rubbish. In fact, at MCM Skip Bins, we do everything we can to make this process easy for you. We provide skip bins for hire in Lugarno to help you get rid of any waste that needs to be taken away.

We aim to provide you with unbeatable service making hiring your skip bin in Lugarno a fast and easy process. With 15 years of experience, you have the advantage of a well-organised operator who is local and reliable, offering the best prices and most suitable solutions to your waste removal needs. The Skip trucks are in and out of Lugarno and the surrounding suburbs daily.


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Great Price

We offer competitive pricing for skip bin hire throughout the Sutherland Shire & St George areas. Operating local means better prices for you.

Timely Service

Same day delivery Monday to Saturday and your skip bin will be delivered and picked up on time.

Professional & Experienced Service

We are family owned and operated since 2003. Our team is reliable, friendly, communicate clearly and we are fully insured.

Local Experts

We offer free expert advice and service a wide range of areas within the Sutherland Shire & St George area.

Quality Skip Bin Hire

Our range of skip bins are neat and well maintained. We have a range of sizes and have bins with rear opening doors for easing loading, on request.

We recycle

100% we transport your waste to NSW EPA approved resource recovery centres who sort and recycle your waste, divert it from landfill and turn it into usable products.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get a skip bin?

Usually the same day, Monday to Saturday. If you want an AM delivery you will need to ring the day before.

Where will you place the skip bin?
We usually place the skip bin on the driveway or in the front yard. Call 0402 018 542 and we will listen to your needs and work it out together.
How long can I have the bin?

Usually 7 days. You can speak to us if you have special requirements.

What items are not allowed to go into the skip bin?

Asbestos, liquid, food waste, hazardous materials such as any fuels, paint, asbestos, gas bottles, poisons etc. There is an extra charge for mattresses and tyres.

Do your skip bins have wheelbarrow access?

Yes you can request a skip bin with a rear-opening gate.

Do you recycle the waste?

Yes. MCM Skip Bins recycles any materials that can be reused or reprocessed reducing landfill and cost to you.

How can I pay for the skip bin?

Usually the same day, Monday to Saturday. If you want an AM delivery you will need to ring the day before.

How do I order a skip bin from MCM Skip Bins?
Does my bin automatically get picked up after 7 days?

No, you need to call 0402 018 542 to arrange pick up of your skip bin.

How far can I fill the bin?

To the rim only. An over filled bin is hazardous and fines are charged by the police and RTA officers if we travel with an over loaded bin. Over filled bins will not be removed. A charge for unloading the bin will apply.

What should I do before my skip bin arrives?

Make sure the area you want the bin is cleared of rubbish, branches, vehicles etc.  All cars are out of the garage or driveway before we arrive.

Mattresses and tyres, is there an extra cost?

Yes, each mattress and each tyre will attract an extra change, please contact us for the current price. 


Lugarno is a beautiful suburb surrounded by bushland. Forest Rd winds through the peninsular of Lugarno, with the homes sitting high above the Georges River in the St George Area. Lugarno is approximately 23km south of Sydney City. This is why so many families are drawn to this quiet suburb. The natural beauty, tall gum trees, sandstone outcrops and the opportunity to live with stunning views of the surrounding waterways.

The local Primary School is home to many families’ learning needs. Lugarno Football Club is a large, popular club fielding many teams each soccer season. Residents can choose from two sets of shopping centre Lime Kiln and Chivers Hill. Both supply all the basic needs and services on the peninsular. Lugarno Seafood Restaurant sits on the Georges River and is open for lunch and dinner.

It was around the 1960’s that Lugarno began to boom with the development of houses and later townhouse and villa complexes alongside three-story waterfront mansions. Many of the homes in Lugarno are undertaking refurbishment. Replacement of bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and landscaping keep the homes modern and bright. Our skip bin drivers navigate the area well. They drive along Forest Rd, Lugarno and into the many off shoots determining where best to place your skip bin for the easiest loading. We have the less common hook lift bins and trucks. The Hook bins allow access to the right of way, steep drives and tight spaces.

For regulations for the Lugarno area please contact the Georges River Council.