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How To Pick The Right Size Skip Bin For Your Next Project

With our skip bin size expertise, we have compiled a bit of a list for what each size may look like when you are looking to hire a skip bin. At MCM Skip Bins our Marrel bins come in sizes ranging from 2m3 to 8m3, while our hook lift bins are available in 4m3, 6m3, and 8m3 sizes. Here’s a breakdown of what each size is suitable for:

  • 2m3: Ideal for small household clean-ups, small bathroom renovations, basic clean-ups, and yard tidy-ups.
  • 3m3: Perfect for spring cleaning, average bathroom renovations, small deck removal, floor tile and path removal.
  • 4m3: Suitable for kitchen renovations, larger bathrooms, internal wall removal, medium-sized decks, pergolas, small yard excavations, yard renovations, medium-sized internal strip-outs, moving house (small), small sheds, landscaping, and removal of soil, gravel, and rock, as well as brick and concrete recycling.
  • 6m3: Great for moving house (medium), handling deceased estates, medium-sized shed removal, demolition, large internal strip-outs, site clean-up, building site use, roofing tile strip-offs, medium-sized internal strip-outs, and brick and concrete recycling.
  • 8m3: Designed for moving house (large), managing deceased estates, disposing of large bulky items of furniture, garage clean-outs, presales of homes, large demolition, large strip-outs, and other sizable projects.

Whether you’re tackling a home renovation, clearing out a deceased estate, or simply in need of efficient waste disposal solutions, understanding the differences between Marrell and Hook Lift skip bins can help you choose the right option for your project.

Ready to book a skip bin? MCM Skip Bins offer Sutherland Shire Skip Bin services in and around the local area. Contact us today to discuss your needs and book the perfect skip bin for your waste disposal requirements.